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Howard Gardner, professor at Harvard University, stresses that it is not how

smart you are…it is how you are smart! Good morning, this is your Parenting

Moment brought to you by Legacy Academy for Children.

Howard Gardner is best known in education for his theory of multiple

intelligences. Gardner teaches us that there are many ways For Children and

adults to be intelligent. If we pay close attention to how children learn and how

they display their knowledge, then we can teach to the individual.

Focusing on children’s strengths is the first step to meeting them where they are,

not where the masses are. So, as a parent ask yourself, how is my child smart?

Does he love music, nature, movement, numbers, letters or pictures? Are your

children more comfortable learning in a group or on their own? And remember,

most people are intelligent in multiple ways. Grades seem to take on magical

importance at times — remind your self that there are multiple ways to be

intelligent and test scores show only a piece of the intelligence puzzle.

That’s your Legacy Academy Parenting Moment. Let Legacy Academy meet

your intelligent little legacy. Visit us at Legacy We’d love to

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